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Premium Flavor

The special flavor properties of Label Rouge eggs and poultry

06 January 2014 Label Rouge is the only official indicator certifying a superior level of quality (art. L.641-1 of the French Rural Code). To obtain the Label Rouge and maintain it, organoleptic tests are carried out regularly to demonstrate that Label rouge products are superior in terms of taste. These organoleptic tests are performed each year by accredited laboratories. There are [...]Read More

Nutritional value of Label Rouge traditional poultry

06 January 2014 Poultry is an important component in the human diet. Traditional poultry therefore plays a major role in a varied, balanced, healthy diet. Because of their specific breeds, their age, their feed rich in cereals and the way they are reared, the nutritional properties of Label Rouge poultry are different. They contain: more protein less water less lipids and therefore [...]Read More

Roast Label Rouge traditional capon with baked apples and potatoes

06 January 2014 Preparation time: 20 mn Cooking time: 2 h Ingredients for 8 people: 1 Label Rouge Traditional Capon, weight 3 kg 8 Cox’s orange pippin apples 200 g fresh or deep-frozen redcurrants 1 jar of redcurrant jelly 500 g of new potatoes 2 sprigs of thyme Olive oil Salt, freshly ground pepper Preparation : Tie up the capon and brush it with olive oil Place the capon in [...]Read More

Label Rouge country-style roast chicken and potatoes

06 January 2014 Preparation time: 15 mn Cooking time: 1 h 15 mn Ingredients: 1 Label Rouge traditional country chicken 1 lemon 1 onion 50 g butter 1kg baby new potatoes Preparation: Pre-heat the oven Th. 7 (210° C). For the lemon juice over the chicken and rub it into its skin. Place the lemon halves inside the carcass with the peeled onion cut into four. Brush [...]Read More

Taboulé of Label Rouge chicken and fresh broad beans

06 January 2014 Preparation time: 15 mn Cooking time: 25 mn Ingredients for 4 perople: 2 Label Rouge chicken breasts 150 g of millet. You can also use wheat grains or, if you are in a hurry, couscous, quinoa or bulgur wheat (faster cooking). 2 small tomatoes 200 g of fresh (or deep-frozen) broad beans 2 small new onions 1/3 bunch of parsley sea salt crystals, [...]Read More

Label Rouge chicken thighs marinated in orange and mangetout peas

06 January 2014 Preparation time: 10 mn Cooking time: 30 mn Ingredients for 2 people: 2 Label Rouge chicken thighs 2 oranges 200 g mangetout peas sea-salt crystals and freshly ground pepper To marinate 1 clove of garlic 1 tablespoon of olive oil salt, pepper 1 tablespoon of honey juice of 1 orange 1 teaspoon of orange flower water Preparation: Pre-heat the oven to 200°C (th.7). Crush the garlic, prepare the [...]Read More