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Key figures of the sector

Key figures of the sector

The poultry-farming sector

In 2015, the Label Rouge poultry sector represented:

  • 30 quality groups (QGs) scattered around various different regions of France,
  • around 6000 poultry farms producing meat and eggs,
  • around 250 companies (hatcheries, feed manufacturers, slaughterhouses and processing plants).

Production of Label Rouge eggs

There are 1.7 million Label Rouge hens in 2013 (about 75% of the national workforce).

Production of Label Rouge poultry

In 2014, implemented laying hens and production of Label Rouge eggs increased by 5% and 6% respectively compared to 2013. (source: Synalaf)
There are 94.2 million labeled chickens in 2014. It increased by 4% in 2013 and 6% in 2012, with a share of yellow chickens (50%) which continues to rise.

Household purchase of Label Rouge poultry

In 2014, Label Rouge traditional poultry accounted for over half of whole chickens purchased by French households (61%). (Source: Synalaf, from FAM/Kantarworldpanel)

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Exports of Label Rouge traditional chicken

Exports account for at least 5% of the national production of Label Rouge poultry.
In 2014, direct exports by slaughterhouses increased overall by 1% compared to 2013.
Label Rouge poultry are overwhelmingly exported as whole form (84%), whole chickens alone accounting for 73%.

The main importators country are Belgium and Germany, which account together for nearly 54% of the volume exported in 2014.
Exports rose particularly to :
- The United Kingdoms (+28%), recipient of 4% of exports,
- Switzerland (+21%), recipiend of 11% of exports,
- And “other destinations” (+13%), recipients of 24% of exports, particularly Luxembourg, Scandinavia, Austria, Czech Republic or Spain.