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Synalaf | Label Rouge Poultry

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Informational Videos

Brochure (PDF – January 2014 – 6,9 MB)

Download Brochure (PDF)

Discover our video:

What is a traditional Label Rouge fowl? (3,3 MB)

“A Label Rouge traditional fowl is reared outdoors, protecting the environment and the animal’s welfare…”

Farming methods (3 MB)
“Label Rouge traditional farming methods are large-scale production methods that protect the environment and the animal’s welfare…”

Animal Feed
“the feed used to rear Label Rouge poultry is mainly made up of cereals, with added plant proteins…”

Our guarantee (2,8 MB)
“Label rouge is an official guarantee. This means that the product process is inspected by a certifying body…”

The label (2,7 MB)
“All Label Rouge traditional poultry is easy to identify thanks to its informative label…”

On your table (1,7 MB)
“Label Rouge traditional poultry is excellent for maintaining healthy weight, for use in cooking, for its flavor, taste, and smell, and for its nutritional balance…”

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