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Synalaf | Label Rouge Poultry

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Informations on the sector

Informational Videos

06 January 2014 Brochure (PDF – January 2014 – 6,9 MB) Download Brochure (PDF) Discover our video: What is a traditional Label Rouge fowl? (3,3 MB) “A Label Rouge traditional fowl is reared outdoors, protecting the environment and the animal’s welfare…” -videos/" class="more-link">Read More

Key figures of the sector

06 January 2014 The poultry-farming sector In 2015, the Label Rouge poultry sector represented: 30 quality groups (QGs) scattered around various different regions of France, around 6000 poultry farms producing meat and eggs, around 250 companies (hatcheries, feed manufacturers, slaughterhouses and processing plants). Production of Label Rouge eggs There are 1.7 million Label Rouge hens in 2013 (about 75% of the national workforce). Production of [...]Read More

Where can I find Label Rouge poultry?

06 January 2014 Label Rouge traditional poultry is available from most french poultry suppliers that are directly in contact with the production sector. You can purchase Label Rouge traditional poultry from the following companies : Company Contacts Label Rouge poultry : PGI and brand sold ARRIVE SA VINCENT Jean-François B.P. 1 – Rue du Stade 85250 SAINT FULGENT – France Phone n° : 00 33 2 51 [...]Read More