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An official guarantee

A protected geographical origin

06 January 2014 Label Rouge was developed for poultry through a collective, regional approach involving a region’s entire production sector, from poultry farmers to processing plants. The production of Label Rouge traditional poultry is thus deeply rooted in the French regions. Map of the 34 Protected Geographic Origins To emphasize the importance of regional farming traditions, most Label Rouge poultry [...]Read More

Sharply regular inspections

06 January 2014 To make Label Rouge products 100% reliable, the entire production sector must meet all the criteria stipulated in the specifications. This in turn means that Label Rouge traditional poultry must be thoroughly inspected at all stages of its production via: Internal inspection by the company (self-inspection), ODG (Label Rouge organization) inspections on all the poultry farming premises/units and [...]Read More

Official recognition

06 January 2014 Through the French National Institute of Origin and Quality (Institut National de l’Origine et de la Qualité, INAO), the state awards the Label Rouge to a QG after its specifications have been carefully studied and approved. The Label Rouge recognition is never truly acquired for good, for it can be withdrawn at any time should a [...]Read More

A collective approach, based on a set of specifications

06 January 2014 Only a “Label Rouge organization” (ODG), comprised of all the partners with a stake in the product (hatcheries, poultry farmers, feed manufacturers, slaughterhouses), is authorized to apply for the Label Rouge. To obtain the Label Rouge, the ODG must set out specifications precisely defining the characteristics of the product, stating how it was produced and the [...]Read More

The information on the Label Rouge is regulated

06 January 2014 For each Label Rouge product, the label must state the characteristics certified by Label Rouge. The label also carries an individual identification number, which is key for tracking Label Rouge traditional poultry, providing a means of tracing the bird’s background history from the moment it hatches to the point of sale. Read More

An official guarantee

06 January 2014 The Label Rouge guarantee Conceived in 1965, Label Rouge was the result of an initiative taken by a group of poultry breeders concerned with developing animal husbandry methods in keeping with their traditions that would also give the consumer a quality guarantee. This guarantee is now the only official sign that certifies a level of quality superior [...]Read More